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    Why Ayurveda?

    Why Ayush Ayurveda?

    Modern health care has taken leaps and bounds in improving human life. But it has its own side-effects requiring another set of health treatment. This leads to complications in life-threatening diseases.We at Ayurmax hospital offers a better and healthy alternative. Ayurvedic medicine works on the principle of eradicating the very root of disease affecting the…

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    Eliminates toxins (Free radicales or oxidants ) from the body, Enhance the power of metabolism, Gets Rid of diseases from the root of the system.

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    Restore normal health. and postpond’s old age & degeneration, Helps the body gain strength and increase vitality & sexual power, Gives a clear complexion, Increase the power of sensory and motororgans.

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    Panchkarma Therapy

    Intensive cleansing therapy). It is superspeciality Ayurvedic therapy.

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    Kshar Sutra Therapy

    Kshar Sutra Therapy for Ano)Rectal diseases (Piles, Fistula in ano and Fissure)

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    Ayurvedic treatment

    We Provide Ayurvedic treatment for all type of Diseases.

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    Training center for Ayurveda

    One Year Panchakarma Technician Diploma (Approved by UK Gov.)

    About Us

    Short Story AboutShri Ayush.

    Shri Ayush was established in 1998 to uplift Panchakarma in the lap of Himalaya in Uttarkashi as a continuation of the uniform legacy of our traditional Ayurveda knowledge of Nautiyals blended with modern science and technology, under the effective management of Smt. Vimla Nautiyal (Managing Director) has achieved great success.Due to demand for easy access the Shri Ayush is now running its branch in Dehradun. A group of skilled Physician headed by Hony. Chief advisor Dr. J.N. Nautiyal renowned Panchkarma Physician has got more than 15 year experience.

    • Shri Ayush offers you treatment.
    • systemic method through Panchkarma
    • counseling Treatment by purely scientific authentic
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      Older & Young

      Panchakarma/Messor Course

      Panchakarma/Messor Course :Panchakarma Therapy with kerala Speciality.


      Older & Young

      Yoga Training Course

      Yoga Training Course by Ayush Ayurveda Hospital & Recarch Centre.


      Older & Young

      O.P.D./clinical classes for BAMS students

      Ayurveda Panchakarma Knowledge Through Guru Shishya Parampara for Practioners O.P.D./clinical classes for BAMS students.


      Older & Children

      Reorientation programme

      Reorientation programme for practioners.


      Older & Young

      Correlate Panchakarma

      Correlate Panchakarma with Tourism Special guidance for Panchakarma project.

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      One Year Panchakarma

      Year Panchakarma Technician Diploma (Approved by UK Gov.)

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      M.D. (Ayurveda)
      Dr. J.N . NAUTIYAL
      admin June 20, 2019

      डॉo. जेo एनo नौटियाल द्वारा “अंतरराष्ट्रीय हेल्थ

      डॉo. जेo एनo नौटियाल द्वारा “अंतरराष्ट्रीय हेल्थ एवं ब्यूटी केयर मेला ” (15-18 May